Evo Sportster 200 Kit Installation Instructions


1. Remove seat, rear fender, rear shocks, wheel and swing arm. See Rear Fork Assembly/Disassembly Diagrams
2. Remove battery box.

evo_sp1.jpg (17104 bytes)

3. On the frame cross-member tube, under the seat...Remove the Ignition Module from the cross member (If Applicable to your bike)

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The  cross-member must be cut in two, on each side of the fender mounting bracket, in the middle of the cross-member. This mounting bracket is a metal tab with a hole in it welded to the center of the cross-member tube. The tab holds a bolt that is attached to the center front of the rear fender. The cross-member section to be cut out should be 1 long.

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4.The fender rail area of the frame must be spread apart to 8 wide to accept the wider rear fender. After the cross-member is cut, the frame can be spread with a port-a-power, hydraulic jack, scissor jack, etc.*

fig_3.gif (29231 bytes)

5. When the cross-member has been spread apart to 3, install spreader tube (supplied in kit) and drill two (2) holes through cross-member tube to bolt in spreader tube.

 wpe30A.gif (116396 bytes)

NOTE:  When the cross-member is spread apart to 3, the fender rails appear to be wish-boned or Vd (veed). (see photo below) 

6. After the spreader tube is installed, the rear of the fender rails must be bent inward to become parallel with the fender. Heating with an oxy-acetylene torch can be used to help in the bending of each side of the fender rails. When completed, fender rails must measure 8 wide to accommodate the new wide tire fender.  Use the "Alignment Template:, (supplied in the kit & shown above) to help with alignment.

7. Install new swing arm, tire and wheel. Position fender with seat to determine where fender mounting holes must be drilled.

8. Remove transmission pulley cover from engine, and transmission pulley. Replace with offset pulley and install pulley cover mounting bolts and supplied spacers to space pulley cover out from engine.

evo_sp10.gif (128199 bytes)

NOTE: On 1999 and previous model years, the rear brake caliper bracket must be milled out to 2 1/16 to go over the larger swing arm tubing.  The manufacture  provides this service for you at no cost, if you ship us your caliper bracket.

* Sometimes it is easier to install the swing arm, tire, and wheel prior to spreading the fender rails. You can then conform the rails to location of the tire. The tire will not run in the center of the fender.

Parts List

  • Wide heavy-duty swing arm

  • Offset pulley (1)

  • Offset pulley spacers (4) & bolts (4)

  • Frame spreader tube (to replace cross member under seat)

  • 8 rear fender

  • 200mm tire

  • Axle adjuster plates (2)

  • Axle (1)

  • Axle nut & washers (2 flat)

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