Harley® FL Wide Tire Kit Installation Instructions
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1. We started this job in usual fashion by laying out all of the parts needed for the job.  In addition to the new wheel and tire that would soon be on the way to us, we realized there was a box containing a new axle and front motor mount that still needed to be opened before we could begin our project.

2. The first step in the instructions is to shift the motor 3/8" toward the primary side.  Before we could do that, we needed to remove the floorboards, the exhaust system, the voltage regulator, the seat, the gas tank, the saddle bags, and the rear fender.  With those parts out of the way the 140 rear tire was removed and were able to get a good look at where our new 180 tire would reside.  In addition to replacing the swing arm, we will be modifying the rear brake caliper, dressing up a few welds, and replacing the swing arm brackets and some mounting hardware.


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