40 Spoke Wheels All Chrome

Fits Harley Softails, Dynas, Sportsters and all Touring Bikes

40 SPOKE Chrome wheel Sizes

16X3.5 $380.00
18X3.5 $395.00
18X4.25 $405..00
18X5.5 $415..00
19X2.15 $380.00
21X2.15 $380.00


Smooth Spokes

40 SPOKE All Chrome WHEELS   Price: $380.00 & Up

If Front Wheel Size?:
All Chrome Price
Single or Dual Disk Hub?:
Have ABS?:
40 SPOKE REAR WHEELS Price: $380.00 & Up
B.If Rear Wheel Size?:
All Chrome Price
5.5 = 200 wide tire
Select Rear Hub Style ?:
Need ABS Bearing/Cush Hub
Standard Hub No Charge

Motorcycle Year/Model?:
*Year: *Model: